Coronavirus notice: Our practice has mechanisms to protect our patients and staff while we continue to provide healthcare services. This week (30 March - 3 April) is the last week that we will be offering rooms procedures and in-hospital surgery until further notice. Only emergency surgery is being conducted in hospitals for the foreseeable future, in keeping with Government directives. We are moving all patients to telehealth (phone or videoconference) consultations, except where we have previously confirmed the requirement for an in-person physical examination or wound care. 

If our practice is unable to physically open for business we will be communicate this to existing scheduled patients via email and SMS (please do not attempt to reply other than with Y or N to an SMS, as the automated system does not facilitate this); incoming telephone calls and receipt of voicemail messages may be temporarily affected by such a change. We will also use this website banner to update you on changes to our practice in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you for your understanding as our entire community works through these unprecedented and rapidly evolving times together (last updated: 29 March 2020).


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